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2021 Release


Preview the EP HERE!

“Plead The Fifth” is a special EP that I wrote and produced for summer 2021 release. It focuses on our collective vulnerability as a people living in the 21st century.  We are seeing an increasingly complex world around us with technology playing a role we are yet to fully grasp.  As our material living standards continue to improve and as globalisation builds an increasingly connected and technological society, we are struggling to match this with social and individual growth, and we are watching many fundamental values slowly being erased and our world sink into environmental catastrophe.  We celebrate superficiality and pretentiousness while allowing ourselves to be manipulated; hatred and discrimination seem to be spreading; wealth has become the most important metric of success; and as everyone wants to shout their story, nobody takes time to listen anymore.  Against this backdrop, we retain our fundamental struggles as we search for love, success, and acceptance, and despite all the chaos, much of what makes us human is still shared across generations and borders.  “Plead the Fifth” concedes these difficulties we face, and without judgement accepts that this is a world we have built ourselves.  And by extension, “Plead the Fifth” tells us we shouldn’t let anyone judge us, and we definitely shouldn’t judge ourselves – if things are not working quite as they should, it might be because the world is a little crazy.  The EP empowers and frees the individual: Don’t let negative people drag you down and call them out when they do because they don’t have an edge over you; stick to your goals and aspirations, whatever they may be, and take time to enjoy the beauty around you, and accept your failures and mistakes for what they are, without anyone taking you down for them.  Overall, “Plead the Fifth” concedes that it is not easy being human.  Despite all that, life is something to be celebrated and we should make the most of it.

Single "Long Time No See"

Preview the track HERE!

Long Time No See is an unplanned release that was written after Christmas 2020 when I found myself longing for the people I Iove and care about who I have not seen for a long time. The feeling was particularly acute during this festive season because of the lockdowns and the travel restrictions so many of us are under. I feel that many of us can relate to this song as we spend time away from loved ones and as we are unable to see them because of the crisis we are living through now. I am releasing this track as a New Year bonus track to say thank you to my audience and as a special way of me sending my love and wishing the best to everyone. May 2021 be a joyful, happier and healthier year for us all. Take care!

2020 Release

Single "Do What You Gotta Do"

Preview the track HERE!

“Do What You Gotta Do” speaks about our shared experience through the COVID-19 pandemic. While we struggle to make sense of the chaos surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, and as more and more of us start to suffer pandemic fatigue, Dejhare reminds us that we all know the rules, and as much as we may be getting to our wits end, we just have to do what we have to do.  And through all this, we have to stay positive and kind, as we wait for the pandemic to pass. The song is uplifting and easy to connect to, and deserves your attention. It is the perfect anthem to lift our spirits during this pandemic, and a great way to wrap up the year 2020.


Preview the album HERE!

D7 is a collection of 7 tracks from my first album “Unbreakable” reimagined in a “dance deluxe” format. These tracks are completely reworked to fit a new vision that I had for this Dance Deluxe album.


The D7 Project started quite unexpectedly.  I completed my second album in February 2020, and was busy preparing for its launch in late spring or early summer.  I was working on some “big” plans and interesting ideas for the release, including a release party and some live shows and other activities built around reaching out to my audience and sharing my music.  Suddenly and unexpectedly, as we all know, in March, the world started to enter into a total shutdown with the COVID-19 crisis, and everything had to be cancelled.  I cancelled the release of my second album because I thought it is not the ideal time of year to release it, and because I would not be able to give it the attention and care it deserves.  Besides, with the suffering all around me and the global crisis, I didn’t want the promotion of my music to be my defining characteristic during this difficult time – I wanted to spend time with family and focus on giving a little back to society (more on that later).


Though my plans for the release of my second album were shelved and my life completely transformed by the lockdown and shelter-in-place order, I could not hold back my creativity.  I have been writing new songs more than ever, but also took the time to revisit my first album, “Unbreakable” that I released in September 2019, and started to reimagine some of my tracks.  I have been considering doing this for some time, but I never really knew what it would look like.  The music on my first album is very sincere and I put a lot of emotion and genuine feeling into creating it – it was always a gateway to my soul where I share my thoughts and emotions with the world. So I jumped on the opportunity to try something else with the tracks from “Unbreakable”.


I have always loved dance music – it uplifts, energizes, and celebrates our freedom to enjoy ourselves.  So I decided to select the slow, or ballad-like, tracks from the album and give them an injection of different energy – I reimagined them as up-tempo dance numbers that can get us dancing without sacrificing the emotional feel and depth of the original versions.  I picked 7 songs – 7th heaven, 7 seas, lucky 7 – and D7 was born.  The 7 tracks I picked are Be Mine, Alone Long Enough, Without You, Time Is Everything, Don’t Let Us Lose, New Love and the album title track Unbreakable.


The first dance deluxe track from D7, “New Love”, was released on 3 April, 2020 alongside a more “intimate” music video that carries the story in the original track to new depth. Similarly, the 6 other tracks have since been rewritten and reworked from scratch.  I treated and reimagined each track as if it was completely new and took it through the full production pipeline to get the new reimagined version, while still trying to retain the richness and emotional depth of the track.


D7 is available on all major platforms.  I hope you guys like it and enjoy the interesting new vibes I have put into these songs. As always, thanks so much for supporting my music – I truly appreciate it.  Stay safe and stay healthy. Love and peace, Dejhare.

2019 Release

Dejhare's First Album "Unbreakable" 

Preview the album HERE!

2018 Release

Dejhare made her debut with her self- titled EP "Dejhare"

Released in September 2018.

Preview the EP HERE!

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