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NEW ReleaSE (2023)


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"Love Will Find A Way" encourages us to follow our heart and to let love empowers, inspires, and guides us towards achieving our dreams and goals in life.

2022 Release


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"Lovescape" is an EP that brings together a myriad of love experiences that encompass a range of emotions and circumstances that define the journey and stages of a relationship, from the bliss of the beginning to the pain of break up.


Track 1 – "Light Up" is a cheerful anthem meant to lift the spirits of someone your love and care about who is going through a rough moment in her or his life.  The song speaks about doing the best to lighten up the dark moments, ease the burden of worry and bring joy and a smile to someone you care for so they can relax and get the strength to endure their hardships.


Track 2 – "Drawn To You" is a track that speaks about the fascination and admiration we feel towards someone we have fallen deeply in love with and with whom we hope to build a lasting relationship.  It is rich with the overwhelming emotions and desire that we feel at the early stages of a beautiful romance.


Track 3 – "Under A Spell" is a track that describes the hypnotic power of strong love felt towards a lover despite the challenges of a long-distance relationship, and the enduring belief that you are destined to be together.  The song describes how the person being longed for is irreplaceable, and how over the years, both lovers have made sacrifices and compromises to remain committed to the relationship while working to keep love fresh and making the most of the moments when they are together.


Track 4 – "Like A Fool" is a track that describes the frustration, resentment, and anxiety of a toxic one-sided relationship with someone who is selfish, manipulative and is holding you back.  It portrays the dark feeling of entrapment and incapacitation one feels in such a relationship, and the helplessness that grows from the desire but inability to walk away from the relationship despite knowing full well the harm of staying.


Track 5 – "Nobody" is a song that talks about the deep pain and the scars and trauma of a toxic relationship that continue to linger and haunt you even after the relationship is over.  It talks about the search and need for closure, healing and redemption that continues as you move on knowing that despite the pain, life is better and healthier without that person who tried to break you.


Track 6 – "Going Solo" is an introspective empowering track that speaks about the various emotions and the questions that fill our minds as we exit a failed relationship and as we work to move on with our life.  The track talks about the challenges arising from the erosion of belief and a loss of trust and confidence, and the nagging fear of being alone again and the uncertainty that this breeds.  As the recovery progresses, an acceptance sets in that perhaps things might have happened for a good reason.  The hope for a fresh new dawn starts to grow as we being to see light at the end of the tunnel and we are ready to move on with our lives.


Preview the track HERE!

“I Got You” is a song about the power of kindness and the value of support systems in our life.  Many of us struggle with all kinds of challenges and are feeling beat up by the insane events around us that we seem to have no control over.  This is not unusual, but in the current difficult and chaotic times, it has become increasingly apparent, and often unbeknownst to us, that our mental health is the first casualty.  The most valuable resource we have that can see us through these times is the kindness and support of others.  Just lending a hand to a person in need, be it your family, friend or even a stranger, can lift someone from the darkness and might even save someone’s life. Having someone you can count on is the best medicine for almost every trouble. 

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