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Premiere: Singer-Songwriter Dejhare Returns This Summer with Her New EP “Lovescape”


July 29, 2022

Press Release By Udimoniki Entertainment


Singer-songwriter Dejhare announces the release of her new summer EP, “Lovescape”, featuring 6 wonderfully imagined and emotionally rich dance-pop tracks that explore the theme of love in some of its dimensions. This is one of her best works yet, and every track on the EP is worth exploring.


In “Lovescape”, Dejhare takes us on a deep journey across the landscape of love experiences, from the bliss of falling in love to the painful weight of break-up with all the confusion that it brings. Dejhare sees love as a process of growth and fulfilment that we undertake with someone by our side, and though the destination is not always clear, we know the journey and have felt the euphoria it carries. Though we may feel “Lovescape” ends on a somewhat sad note, Dejhare emphasises that she does not see the love journey as culminating in either a tragedy or a fairy tale, but rather as a collection of enriching experiences that make life that much more worth living. In essence, as the old saying goes, it is better to love and lose than to never love at all.


The first track on the Lovescape EP is “Light Up”, a cheerful and uplifting anthem similar to Dejhare’s earlier tracks that pulses with enthusiasm and positivity and speaks to someone you care about, encouraging them to go through difficult times and giving them strength to endure any challenge. Things get more interesting with the second song, “Drawn to You”, a track with deep tropical beats that pulses with the energy of attraction one feels to someone you have fallen in love with and just makes you want to get up and dance. The third track, “Under A Spell”, is a more ethereal dance number, rich with the hypnotic power of strong love felt towards a lover, transporting us to magical place of beauty that is full of dreams and hope, and affirms the strength of love and devotion felt between two lovers who are separated by distance. “Like A Fool”, the fourth instalment on the EP, is a more thoughtful and introspective track, with a rich melody and emotionally deep lyrics, that describes the frustration of a one-sided relationship and the dark feelings of entrapment and helplessness that one feels in such a relationship. The fifth track, “Nobody”, takes us deeper into the complexity of a love lost, all clothed in an amazingly heartfelt melody with an 80’s twist that really digs into our soul and pulls the right strings to match the superb lyrics. The last track on the EP, “Going Solo”, is a real gem, with outstanding and intelligent lyrics that are some of the best we have heard in a long time, all matched by a pumping grove that is just the right mix of world beats and dance pop to really stand out and express the emotions that fill our minds as we exit a relationship and look towards a new future.


Dejhare’s strengths as a songwriter and her ability to tell deeply relatable stories with engaging lyrics and infectious melodies has been discussed before. In this EP, she further shows this incredible skill set, with complex and yet accessible lyrics packaged in melodies that match them to perfection. In the “Lovescape'' EP, Dejhare has also showcased one of her best unique strengths, namely the ability to cross genres and cultures with music that cannot be pigeon-holed. This release is rich with tropical influences, world-beat groves, and pop-dance influences. Very few artists are able to deliver something so beautifully universal in melody and lyricism. Listening to “Light Up” transports us to a tropical beach with laughter and warmth and love, and “Going Solo'' at the other spectrum of the EP buries us in deep thought while not revealing its roots, but rather hinting at deserts or open spaces where our dreams can wander untethered. The sheer richness of this EP is breath-taking. This EP is an excellent continuation to her earlier release, “Plead the Fifth”, that showcased her songwriting and lyrical talents. In “Lovescape'', she takes us a step farther, away from the collective discourse she focused on in “Plead the Fifth”, to the deeply personal exploration of love’s various manifestations and all the varied emotions that come with that. With “Lovescape'', she is also expanding her portfolio into richer and more varied musical influences, and one cannot escape the reggaeton and mysticism that pervades the offerings on this release. It is very exciting to watch the direction Dejhare is exploring.


Dejhare continues to reinforce her perspective as an observer of the human condition and a communicator of the complexities of our beautiful life experience. Using her lyrics and melodies, she effortlessly captures what we all go through in life, and the “Lovescape” EP is a perfect illustration of that. Dejhare is also not averse to exploring, and anyone who has followed her musical journey over the last couple of years will note the sheer richness and variety of offerings she has. It is nicely refreshing to see an indie artist push boundaries of creativity like Dejhare does, opening doors to her listeners that many of us would not have considered exploring. Combining diverse global influences, feel-good dance groves and meaningful lyrics with an uncanny ease, Dejhare personifies the power of music to cross boundaries and to bring out the best in us. Even her deep and introspective pieces on this EP such as “Like A Fool” and “Nobody” continue to inspire a positive feeling despite their exploration of difficult emotions and experiences. Dejhare’s characteristic attention to detail is as evident on this EP as it is on her previous releases, and she continues to release music that connects and appeals to music lovers across cultures and genres. 


The “Lovescape” EP is very much a musical journey in the typical Dejhare format – richly melodious and genre-bending tracks coupled to intelligent and meaningful lyrics that draw the listener into Dejhare’s world. For fans of her music, this is a perfect continuation of previous work, and for those who have not encountered Dejhare before, we highly recommend a listen to “Lovescape” and an exploration of her earlier releases.


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